The Secret Life of [Your Name]

Noteworthy. Mentionable.

A couple of nights ago, my finance and I, both film fanatics, ventured out to see ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.’ To my surprise, I connected with the protagonist’s, Walter Mitty, tendency to ‘zone out,’ as well as with his emotions as we journeyed through Greenland, Iceland, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Not that I have been to those countries – yet.

“To see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come to, that is the purpose of life.”

This got me thinking… thinking more about the idea of travel. During the film emotions flooded my body, like a wave during a storm at sea that engulfs a ship. Fear. Excitement. Curiosity. The indescribable feeling every traveler feels.  It’s the feeling that takes over your body, calms your mind, and draws tears from your eyes, no matter how hard you resist it.  It’s almost as if you’re free falling from an airplane with no parachute. But rather than being consumed by the fear of what happens when you “meet” the earth, all you can comprehend is that moment. The crisp air against your face. The sun’s golden shadow cast upon the land. The sensation that you are weightless like a dandelion seed drifting to its new home.

Take a moment. Recall memories that evoke this feeling for you (or however you describe it). Post some memories below… here are some of mine:

Algerian Sunset from the Moroccan Sahara

Algerian Sunset from the Moroccan Sahara

A tiny village in Switzerland

A tiny village in Switzerland

A Festival in Kabballi

A Festival in Kabballi

Welcome back. Back to reality. And welcome to the world of dreamers (I prefer “world of dreamers” to “zoning out”). Movies are for  dreamers, in my mind, as they offer a temporary break from life’s obligations. But then again, why do we need to perceive some responsibilities as obligations? Can a shift in mentality transform our lives? What if every obligation – from a dreaded job to the awkward acquaintance you hang out with – can be seen as an adventure? Travel? Approach it like Walter approached his life after the missing photograph.

Intriguing. This could be a fun experiment…

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